SH OP0521 Electromagnet for Coffee Machine We are one of the professional solenoid valve manufacturers in China. The company also provides ODM / OEM services. Whether mass production or special customer products, we can complete excellent design for you in a very short time, and provide you with excellent quality, competitive price, fast delivery time and the best service. 1. Introduction to the Electromagnet for Coffee Machine Product: coffee machine Method: Pull & Push Type Weight: 18g Size: 20.7mm锝?0.7mm锝?2mm 2. Technical Parameters Duty cycle (%) 锛?/p>(ON time) / (ON time锛媜ff time) 脳100%Continuous 100%Intermittent 50%Intermittent 25%Intermittent 10% Watts at 20鈩?/p> MAX. "On" time in seconds鈭?/p>50182 Type NoResistance (20鈩? 卤10%DC volits SH-0521L-06V3068.51219 SH-0521L-12V12012172438 SH-0521L-24V48024344876 SH-0521L-48V1920486896152 SH-0521S-06V3068.51219 SH-0521S-12V12012172438 SH-0521S-24V48024344876 SH-0521S-48V1920486896152 3. Advantages of OP0521 Open Frame Electromagnet 鈼?Product life more than 300000 times 鈼?Customizable design 鈼?High accuracy of product function dimension 4. Payment Terms, Delivery and Service 鈼?Payment: All the payment can negotiate, generally by T/T or L/C. 鈼?Delivery time: 45day FOB Hong KongWholesale Electromagnet website:
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