Introduction: Baluster basket, also known as bird cage, is widely used to decorate stairs, fences. We offer full range of baluster baskets with different sizes. Specification: Art. No.19/0119/03 Height50mm70mm Width50mm70mm Section size4x4mm8x8mm MaterialWrought ironWrought iron ProductionTwisted steelTwisted steel Application: Wrought iron baluster basket is normally welded together with square steel or round steel to produce basket balusters. We have many different shapes and sizes of baluster baskets. They can make your stairs or fences completely different. Production information: Wrought iron baluster baskets, are pre-twisted first, then welded together. Shipping and packing: Iron baluster baskets are packed in cartons. FAQ Q: Why can Luyi-forge keep the old tradition of hand forging? A: Many customers appreciate the beauty and elegance of hand-forging, they believe hand forged ornaments are far more beautiful than hot stamped ones. In Luyi-Forge, our experienced blacksmiths all have more than 20 years on anvils. Latest News: Hand forged iron can be customized very easily since they are forged on open anvil according to the will of our blacksmith. But for hot stamped balusters or spears, the molds decide about the design and size of the motif, we cannot change it very easily. Recommendations: If you cannot find your requested products from our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have about 3000 different designs, quiteCustomized Wrought Iron Baluster Basket website:
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