Mobile portable crane hook block We have produced thousands mobile crane hook blocks, and we gathered much more experiences in design and produce, from material choices,drawing design,test and shipping.Thousands of our hook blocks are using in domestic and overseas, from hot Africa + 50oC to cold Russia -45oC, our crane blocks are working every day. Main features of our crane hook block ■design factor 4:1 ■Double sealed roller bearings ■Compact design ■High impact resistant side plates ■Operational temperature range:-40 up to +80oC ■Hot-rolled,cast,fabrication sheaves ■CCS,ABS,CE certification according to requirements ■In house loading test,Ultrasonic test,Magnetic test ■Standard polywood box packing ■Yellow or black finish or according to requirements For drawing or technology requirements,please contact us Please be free to buy the 3t-100t mobile crane lifting hook with the best price with our professional China manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized products are also offered if you need.crane blocks China website:
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