Application Widely used in large, medium and small aquacultrure, grain and feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and feed factories. Product introduction Also known as pellet feed mill machine, it鈥檚 a feed processing machine that directly compresses particles by crushing materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass and rice husk under a certain ingredient based on different animals. Particle shape is normally clinder, and its diameter & length size depends on the different animals. Pellet mill machine is the main machine of the pelletizing section, and it normally equipped with feeder, air conditioners, cooler including materials feeding, aging, pelleting and cooling in this system. Under the combined action of moisture, temprature and pressure, the mixed materials will undergo a certain physical and chemical reaction. So the pellet feed will easy to be digested and absorbed by animals, animals can convert it into weight gain in a short time, and helps farmers get max profit from their farm. Technical parameters ModelMain motor power(kw)Capacity(tph)Inner dia of dia (mm)Number of rollersScrew feeder power(kw) SZLH252*110.5-1垄25020.75 SZLH352*303-5垄35021.5 SZLH422*558-10垄42021.5 SZLH522*7512-15垄52021.5 Why choose our product 鈼?Stable鈥攃hassis stability, doubel vee belet transmission with high efficient keep the machine runing stable. 鈼?nbsp;High capacity鈥攆eeding scraper structure, optimized pelletizing chamber, best area-power ratio, ensure the capacity is stable and increased. 鈼?nbsp;Wide range of application and the cost is low. Vee belt transmission and simple structure design reduced the cost, can be used in poultry, livestock, ruminant feed processing. 鈼?nbsp;Long service life of spare parts guarantees pellet quality and reduce your operating cost. Feed pelleting and cooling section equipments in feed project Pelletizing system is the key section in the whole feed production line. Normally, this section includes rotary feeder, air conditioner, pellet mill, cooler, dust collector and related conveying. All related equipments choosed shall be take the pellet mill as reference. In the feed projectCustomized Feed Machinery website:
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