Extrusion Machine variable frequency inverter 1. Extrusion Machine variable frequency inverter. It is a series of high performance general frequency inverter with three kinds of control methods—V/F control, vector control without PG, torque control. It has abundant parameter functions including pulse frequency setting, multi-step speed and simple PLC setting, PID setting, wobble control, non-stop at momentary power failure, auto voltage regulation and so on. It is applicable in many situations which needs accurate speed control, fast torque response speed and high start torque. 2. Basic Parameters of Extrusion Machine variable frequency inverter. 3. Main parameters of Extrusion Machine variable frequency inverter. 4. Details of Extrusion Machine variable frequency inverter 5. Corner of Factory 6. OUR SERVICE: 10. FAQ: Q1. What is the difference between dual voltage and dual wound motor? A1 :Dual voltage is a reference to a motor that can use either of two different voltage levels, usually 230V or 460V. The motor windings have multiple taps, and the connections vary depending on which voltage is used. Dual wound motor refers to two windings in one motor frame, and can be any combination of poles. With the increased amount of copper, the frames are usually twice the size of a standard motor. A dual wound motor can be used in a drive application with one of the windings not hooked up, but we do not recommend this. It is similar to a round rotor motor with the secondary shorted. The insulation properties are not sufficient to handle PWM. Q2. Are the variable frequency drives phase sensitive? A2 :The input wiring is not sensitive to phase. If one would change one set of input leads, the rotation would not change. The output of the drive is sensitive to phase. Changing one set of leads to the motor changes the direction of rotation. 11. Extrusion Machine variable frequency inverter Wirings diagramVariable Inverter Made in China website:http://www.anyhzdrive.com/variable-inverter/
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