The design of the gaming chair is ergonomic and easy for users to operate and experience. Since some games require a high level of energy input from the user and maintain a sitting position for a long time, the gaming chair can ensure user comfort. This gaming chair can freely adjust the up and down, front and back angles, suitable for all kinds of height crowds, so that you will not feel tired for a long time Feature of adjustable gaming chair 鈮aterial: High quality PU leather and thick padding with Bucket Seat, provide a ultra comfortable experience and intense gaming time. 鈮unction: Features a pull-out, flip over footrest which is perfect for relax during your busy working days and intense gaming time. 鈮rgonomic design: The whole chair has rocked back and forth. Adjustable backrest with a 90掳-180掳 angle for napping like bed. The height of the cushion can be adjusted without worrying about comfort. The 4D armrest allows your arms to be more free. 鈮an Be Customized: Material//Color/Size/and Armrest/Wheel/Base鈥︹€ct accessories. Can match according to your own needs, please contact us for details. China Gaming Chair website:
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