Compact Conductor Rail has the following characteristics: 1. Compact Conductor Rail is reliable in operation and never causes power interruption failure. It can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature, high dust and high corrosion. 2. After the inserting process is adopted, the looseness of the screw caused by vibration during the operation of other rigid body conductor rails is solved, thereby ensuring that the conductor rail as a whole is firm and reliable. 3. Compact Conductor Rail has high mechanical strength, is not easy to bend and deform, and can withstand strong short-circuit surge current. 4. The cutoff flow can be set according to the user's needs, up to 1000m2, and the voltage level can reach more than 5kv. 5. The copper body is electrically conductive, which can greatly reduce the power loss of the wire. 6. After the auxiliary cable is added, a low-impedance slip line can be formed, and the line impedance is reduced by a factor of two. 7. The heat dissipation surface is large, the structure is compact and simple, and the installation and maintenance are convenient. 8. The wiring can be slipped or slipped on the top. 9. The current collector adopts tension spring pressure and bipolar brush, which has excellent power-renewing capability. Compact Conductor Rail installation: The installation method of the conductor rail is generally used for the upper sliding contact and the lower sliding contact. Other installation methods can also be adopted according to user requirements. The mounting bracket of the conductor rail is generally 3m. In special cases, reinforcement measures can be taken to appropriately enlarge the distance. The distance between the three conductor rails is 400mm. If it is a low-impedance conductor rail, the phase-to-phase distance can be expanded to 450mm.Customized Steel Conductor Bar website:
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