Turn signal lights have an important safety function. They demonstrate deceleration and a change in direction of the vehicle, and make the vehicle more visible to other road users when it is dark or during poor visibility. Use high performance WY5W T10 Side Turn Signal lights to change your holagen bulbs can increase your safety driving to a high level. Side turn signal light installed at height from 350mm to 1500mm from the ground, max. 1800 mm from the front edge of the vehicle. An electronic warning flasher unit is made up of a pulse generator which switches the lights on via a relay. In addition, it also has a control circuit which is dependent on current and changes the flashing frequency in the event of light failure. The frequency of the flashing signals is between 60 and 120 per minute. All the direction indicators on the same side of the vehicle have to work synchronously. Our WY5W T10 side turn signal use a big chip 7020 as light sources. We consider the space of body and dissipation capacity, use 10 pcs chip as balance between power and heating. We also take account into the life span to maintein a long-lasting working hours and keeping a very low decay rate. Technical Datas: Model No.WY5W ReferencesT10 LED Source7020 LED Qty10 SMD Color(R/A/W/B)White/Amber Voltage (DC)12V -24V Power (W)1.5W Luminous Flux (LM)200 CanBus (Yes/No)YES LifeSpan (Hours)30,000 Warranty Time (Year)3 We offer a full line of bright LED bulb replacements. All of our LED light bulbs feature simple plug and play installation to make the process quick and easy. Upgrade from dim incandescent bulbs to a brighter, more modern appearance with our powerful LED bulbs.Side Turn Signal price website:http://www.bravovista.com/turn-signal-light/side-turn-signal/
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