Medical Masks Surgical Face Product Description FFP3 category masks detection, whether it is a European or American standard, are specified in the TSI - 8130 Automated Filter Testers testing instrument.NaCl method is used for N, DOP method for R and DOP method for European standards. NaCl method is used for tsi-8130 instrument: the instrument can automatically produce salt particles with an average diameter of 0.2m (aggregate average diameter of 0.26m, and arithmetic average diameter of 0.07m). After passing through the sample at a certain flow rate, the instrument can automatically print out the flow rate, resistance and transmittance. DOP method was used to generate dust with DOP oil. The diameter of DOP oil particles was 0.33 m with the average particle size of aggregation and 0.20 m with the average diameter of co Packaging & Shipping Certifications Q: Do you have any masks in stock? A: Sorry, we don't have any masks in stock at the moment, but we are in full production of masks for countries that need them. Q: Can I order masks now? A: Yes, you can. You can consult our customer service staff about the delivery time, he will tell you the delivery time Q: Do you have any certificates? A: we have licenses for FDA, CE, FFP2 and some domestic markets. Q: What kind of masks do you offer? How about the packing? A: Our masks are made of 100% new materials, including non-woven and, most importantly, melt-sprayed fabric Q: What is your minimum quantity and price? A: The minimum order quantity is 500pcs. Will we quote according to the number of masks you need? You can consult the customer service for details Q: What are your terms of payment? A: 50% payment before production and 50% payment before shipment. Q: When is your delivery time? A: If you need more detailed delivery time and freight information, you can contact our online customer service, who will answer all your questions. Q: How productive are you? A: We can produce 100,000 disposable masks one day.China Medical Surgical Mask website:
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