Sano e-PTFE air purification membrane filter material uses the hot-rolled non-woven which is the well-known brand, after the surface treatment technology process, such as singeing, calendaring, waterproof, oil repellent, flame retardant, then uses the advanced hot melt or dispensing technology to paste the PTFE micro porous membrane in the material surface. It will make the filtration precision high and the resistance small, so that the degree of air purification is increased, it widely uses in industrial cartridge and vacuum,etc. ePTFE H10 Specification : 1.Code :SNH10-M-01 2.Breadth :1300-2600mm 3.thickness :2-5um 4.Length :1000-1600m 5.resistance :40-60pa (32L/min) 6.breathability :180-240L/m².s(127pa) 7.filtration efficiency :90-95%(0.3um particle Calcium chloride salt spray method ) Material and Application Field MaterialDAIKIN、DONGYUE、CHENGUANG Application FieldIndustrial cartridge and vacuum ,etc Base material manufacturerImport base material (Japan Toray, Japan Unitika, Japan Hirose, Cologne Korea, the United States HV) can thermal compounding ;Domestic ( Nanhai zhongbang nonwoven, Shandong Thai-Peng, Jiangxi State Bridge Hangzhou Xinhua etc.) domestic base glue compound。 weight60g/m² 、100g/m² 、120g/m² 、150g/m²、180g/m² 、200g/m² 、240 g/m² 、260g/m²。 FacadeFlat woven fabrics, non-woven stripes, dots nonwoven 。 post processingCoated, waterproof, anti-oil, anti-static, singeing, calendering, PTFE emulsion impregnated SpecialityGood permeability, low resistance, high filtration efficiency, pulse dust off easily, conserve compressed gas. As one of the professional eptfe h10 for pet polyester non-woven fabrics pet spunlaced non-woven fabricspet spunbond non-woven fabrics manufacturers and suppliers in China, SENNUO now has many products with adequate quality in stock. Please be free to purchase our high quality products made in China and get the quotation and the free sample from our factory.China eptfe membrane for vacuum cleaner manufacturers website:
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