Our History Shenzhen (China) Aurora Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. Since its inception, it has been committed to decorative lighting and commercial lighting, actively committed to the industry, and strived to be a leader in the industry. It is located in the high-tech zone of Shenzhen (China). After years of development, we have moved the production site to expand two factories. And invested tens of millions of usd in two factories, SiChuan (China) Aurora Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. and DongGuan (China) Hongchi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Among them, Shenzhen Aurora includes sales department, finance department, engineering department and purchasing department. The other two have production department and storage department. The company has strong strength and considerable scale. The factory covers an area of 6000-8000 square meters and employs 300-500 people. In the past 20 years, the company has been advancing hard, never forgetting the company's purpose, striving to be the front line of the industry, and working hard to do its own business well. During this period, it has won praises from countless customers, and its products are sold in nearly 100 countries around the world. Advanced production equipment and professional management system, independent research and development team, tailor-made lighting solutions for customers. We have always believed that it can become the best service industry in the festival lighting decoration industry. Our company looks forward to your arrival and experience buying! Our Factory The company invested tens of millions usd in two production plants, and introduced a large number of advanced and mature complete production machinery, and strictly controls the quality, raw materials and production process in production. Among them, the two production bases have introduced the latest glue injection machine (grouting machine), rubber pellet machine, wire bonding machine, solid crystal machine, lens cover machine, spectroscope, sorting machine and other machinery, and have a professional team to produce. The product has been improved and researched and strived for innovation and improvement. For more than ten years, it has independently developed more than 100 kinds of products and has more than 40 invention patents. Under international standards, our products are strictly in accordance with standards, and our goal is to exceed industry standards, and continue to improve. Our Product Shenzhen (China) Aurora Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has become one of the outstanding pioneers in the LED festival decorative lighting industry. Since its establishment, the company has successfully developed more than 100 kinds of LED decorative lighting products. Lights, street lights, bulbs. In addition, there are LED Battery String Light, LED Battery String Light with Shape, LED Full Color String Light, LED Cascade Light, LED Cascade Light with Cane, LED Cascade light with Shape, LED Cascade Light with Bead Chain, LED Coiling Block String Light , LED Coiling Block with Shape, LED Cluster String Light, LED PVC Rope Light, LED Silk Rope Light, LED Ribbon Light, LED Mesh Light, LED Pearls Light, LED Curtain Light, LED Bell Jar Light, LED Bottle Cork Light, LED Shape Lamp, LED Bulb Lamp, E27 LED Bulb Light with Shapes, 3D Images LED Glass Night Light with Round / Egg and Cloche Shapes, LED Solar String Light, LED Solar Garden Light, LED Firework Light, LED Solar Fireworks Light, LED Magic Fireworks Light , LED Base Light, LED Submersible Light, LED Diamond Light, LED Candle Light, LED Floating Candle Light, LED Bulb String Light, LED Bulb Lamp Light, LED Iron Decorative Light, LED Meteor Tube Light, LED Fish Gathering Lamp Series. To meet the different needs of different customers. Provide customers with energy saving, environmental protection and reliable lighting products. Product Application Our products are mainly decorative lighting and commercial lighting. Commercial lighting mainly includes street lamps and light bulbs. Such as solar street lights, fishing lights, high bay lighting and other businesses. Decorative lighting business is large, suitable for many occasions, park decoration, roadside decoration, lantern festival display, college activities. And festival displays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations. Similarly, you can use it to decorate your room and your dreams. Hope you like this product. Our Certificate Since its establishment, the company has obtained more than 40 patents and developed more than 100 products. Among them, there are a series of product patents including solar light certificate No. 5232043, 3D lighting patent No. 7178868, No. 7178889 certificate, large knob lamp No. 5121331, round knob lamp No. 5195405, diamond knob lamp No. 5230161 and other product patents. However, we must continue our efforts to strive for better invention and production of lighting products for everyone. Production Equipment The Division has introduced a large number of advanced instruments in two factories, such as 10 winding machines, 3 grinding machines, 18 SMT placement machines, 8 connection machines, 4 gasket machines, 5 ovens, 3 baking machines, 3 glue injection machines, dispensing 6 sets of machines, 2 sets of vacuum machines, 2 sets of large ovens, 3 sets of wire cutters, 1 set of air compressors, 6 sets of motors, etc. It has six production lines with a total investment of nearly 10 million. Strong investment and quality assurance. Production Market The main business of the company's industry is commercial lighting and decorative lighting. The annual sales of commercial lighting is about 8 million US dollars, accounting for 45%. The main markets are in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa. The annual sales of decorative lighting is about 10 million US dollars, accounting for 55%, and the main markets are in Europe and the Americas. And for several consecutive years with tens of millions of business volume, brand products have a good reputation, it is worth returning to customers. Our Service You can consult any product during working hours. Welcome your inquiry! If necessary, we can provide samples for you. After the product is sold, it can be exchanged if it has any production quality problems. The company has the right to interpret all products.G40 Globe Led Bulb factory website:http://www.aurled.com/
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