Product Showing 1. Machine Gearing (1)Reducer (2)Rack Gear Pinion (3)Ball Screw (4)Linear Guide 2. Machine System (1)CNC system(Optional) SIEMENS systemLYNUC system KND systemSYNTEC system (2)Lubrication system (3)Chip collection 3.Processing Show DrillingMilling TappingScrewing Drilling Head Control System (optional) Chip removal systemLubricationl system Workpiece show Knife Rest (optional) Electrical systemotary (only for for reference ) Product Parameter NO.NameUnitJX3540S 1Size Anglemm140X140X10-350X350X40 2Max diameter of hole (stiff alloy drill)mmφ17.5~φ30 3Drilling spindle taper hole BT40 4ATCset1 (3 included) 4Max marking forcekN1250 5Group of MarkingPcs4 6Size of letter 14×10mm 7Number of prefixes per groupPcs15 8Number of drilling unitsPcs6 9Spindle speedr/min180-6000 10Angle feeding speedm/min50 11Back mark rangemm40-220 12Max length of blank pieces on feedmm14000 13Max length of work piece on dischargemm12000 14Number of NC axes that can be positionedPcs9 15Total power of machinekW120 16Max weight of each piecetAbout 14 17Dimension of machinem35×8.5×3 18Total weight of machinetAbout 45CNC Punching Machine website:
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